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Terms and conditions

General provisions

These terms and conditions apply to all our quotations, work orders, agreements and deliveries.

Section 1

The customer is the one who placed the order, the supplier is the one who agreed to execute the order.

Section 2

The delivery to a supplier of production elements (raw materials, model, copy, and/or digital files, etc.) with a request, without express reservation, to provide a proof or a drawing, entails the obligation for this supplier to carry out entrust the work or reimburse the costs incurred.

Section 3

The supplier’s offers are non-binding and subject to sale or sufficient stock. When wages and/or commodity prices rise, reference prices are revised. The offers are always established without mention of the taxes, which are always the responsibility of the customer. The period of validity of an estimate is one month for the execution of an order within three months. The offer price only applies to the assignment indicated in the offer.

Section 4

In the case of composite quotations, there is no obligation to deliver part of the order against the corresponding part of the total price.

Section 5

Any person or company that places an order with a request to invoice third parties is personally responsible for its payment, even if the supplier has accepted this mode of invoicing, except in cases where the third party has the co-signed order form.

Section 6

The supplier is not liable for infringements of the reproduction rights of third parties, if he has executed the printing or reproduction order in good faith. Only the customer is responsible. Any dispute relating to reproduction rights suspends the execution of the transfer.

Section 7

If required by law, the customer cannot object to the mention of the name of the supplier, even if the name of a publisher or intermediary, advertising agent or others is already mentioned on the printed matter.

Section 8

The font, as well as the layout, are freely chosen by the supplier. The supplier is not responsible for the typographical quality of the ready-to-save templates or formatted page files it receives from the customer.

Section 9

If the customer makes equipment available to the supplier, it must be delivered on time (taking into account the order schedule), properly packaged and postage paid to the supplier’s premises. The signing of the transport documents for receipt only confirms the receipt of the material. If the customer supplies prepress material in digital form without a printed version, the supplier assumes no liability for the result of the exhibition. If the customer makes digital files available to the supplier, he must keep the original files himself and is responsible for the quality of these files. Except in cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence on the part of the supplier, its staff or its subcontractors, difficulties or delays in production caused by problems with the materials supplied will lengthen the delivery time and increase the price of additional costs. caused by these problems.

Section 10

At the customer’s request, the supplier provides a simple proof, for example a laser printout, a plan or an imposition proof. Neat proofs, for example in faithful colors and/or on publishing paper, are invoiced in addition. If the customer does not request a proof, the supplier is in no way responsible for the quality of the final product.

Section 11

Supplier shall correct any misprints and word division errors indicated by Customer, but is not responsible for spelling, language or grammatical errors. Changes to the original order of any kind (in text, in editing or placement of illustrations, in formats, in printing or binding, etc.) in writing or otherwise by or on behalf of the customer, will the customer be charged extra and extend the performance period. This also applies to machine downtime while waiting for “ready to print”. Changes made verbally or by telephone are at the customer’s own risk.

Section 12

The delivery by the customer of a dated and signed “ready to print” releases the supplier from any liability for errors or omissions observed during or after printing. The “ready to shoot” remains the property of the supplier and serves as proof in the event of a dispute.

Section 13

If the client wishes the supplier to have production elements such as composition, films, montages, die-cuts, sketches, drawings, discs, etc., it will be agreed in writing with the supplier before the execution of the command. Storage is at the risk and peril of the customer, who expressly releases the supplier from all liability related to this storage (including loss or deterioration), except in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the supplier. Offset plates are not saved.

Section 14

The deadlines stipulated in writing when placing the order run from the working day following the delivery of the necessary elements. The agreed delivery times are at least extended insofar as the customer has not delivered the necessary elements, as well as upon the return of the corrected proofs and the “ready to print”. Cases of force majeure, and more generally, any circumstances which prevent, reduce or delay the execution of the order by the supplier or which excessively burden the execution of the obligations subscribed by him, relieve the supplier of all responsibility and allow him, as the case may be, either to shorten his obligations, or to terminate the contract or to suspend its execution, without being required to pay any compensation. Are considered as such, among others: war, civil war, mobilization, riot, strike and lockout, both at the supplier and at its suppliers, machine breakdown, fire, interruption of means of transport , difficulties in the supply of raw materials, materials and energy and restrictions or prohibitions imposed by the government.

Section 15

The customer can only deprive the supplier of the execution of a periodic order, that is to say an order with recurring partial orders, subject to compliance with the notice periods specified below. Cancellation must be notified by registered letter. In the event of non- compliance with the conditions, the customer will indemnify the supplier for all damages suffered and loss of profit during the period of non-compliance.
Notice period

  • 3 months for a recurring order with annual turnover up to EUR 7,500;
  • 6 months for a recurring order with an annual turnover of up to EUR 25,000;
  • 1 year for a periodic order whose annual turnover is equal to or greater than 25,000 EUR.

Section 16

For paper, cardboard and binding materials treated by the supplier, the customer accepts the tolerances imposed by the manufacturers of these materials. The supplier may deliver and invoice 5% (with a minimum of one hundred copies) more or less than the number of copies ordered. For printed matter requiring a complex or particularly difficult finish, the supplier may supply and invoice 20% (with a minimum of 200 copies) more or less than the number of copies ordered. Less or more copies will be paid for at the price of the additional copies.

Section 17

All missions are carried out with normally available resources. Special requirements such as lightfastness of inks, suitability for foodstuffs, etc. must be specified by the customer when requesting a quote. If they are communicated later, this may give rise to a price adjustment. The perfect match of the colors to be reproduced, as well as the perfect immutability of the inks and the perfect immutability of the inking and the register are not guaranteed. Derogations, specific to the nature of the work to be performed, are expressly accepted by the client.

Section 18

Under penalty of forfeiture of rights, the customer must address any complaint or protest by registered letter to the supplier at the latest within 8 days of receipt of the first delivery of goods. If the customer does not take delivery of the goods, the 8-day period begins to run from the date of the invitation to take delivery of the goods. Otherwise, from the date of invoicing. If the supplier does not receive a complaint within this period of 8 days, this means that the customer has fully accepted all the goods. If the customer uses part of the delivered goods or has them sent by post to third parties or has them handed over to a distribution company for distribution, this means that he has accepted the entire print run. Defects in part of the goods delivered do not authorize the customer to refuse the entire order. The supplier is not liable for consequential damages caused to the customer, including loss of profit.

Section 19

The supplier’s liability is limited to the recovery of non-compliant copies which will be deducted from the price of the additional copies.

Section 20

Delivery takes place at the supplier’s premises. Packaging and transport are the responsibility of the customer. The risk of the goods during this transport is borne by the customer.

Section 21

All goods (papers, films, data carriers, etc.) entrusted by the customer and which are in ns the company of the supplier, remain at the expense and risk of the customer, who expressly releases the supplier from any liability of any nature whatsoever, under another in the event of damage or loss, total or partial, for any cause whatsoever, except in the event of fraud, gross negligence on the part of the supplier, its staff or its subcontractors or when the aforementioned surety is one of the main performances of the agreement. The same applies to the goods intended for the customer. Storage costs will be invoiced from the date notified to the customer. In the absence of payment on the agreed due date, these goods may be retained as security and pledge of the sums due.

Section 22

When ordering, you may be asked to pay a deposit of 1/3 of the amount, the same deposit after receipt of the “ready to print” and the balance on delivery. Bills of exchange, cheques, money orders or receipts are neither renewable nor derogatory. From the due date, any unpaid invoice shall automatically and without formal notice bear interest equal to the reference interest rate of the European Central Bank, increased by seven percentage points and rounded up to half a percentage point. superior. In the absence of payment of the invoice in principal and interest within 14 days following the sending of a registered letter of formal notice, the debt will be increased by an additional indemnity, conventionally fixed at 15% of the sum due to the maturity with a minimum of 50 EUR. . In addition, the supplier then has the right to demand immediate payment of all other invoices not yet due and of all sums for which the supplier has authorized the customer to defer payment. The supplier then also has the right to suspend the execution of ongoing contracts until the customer has paid the advances described in this article.

Section 23

In the event of delivery on demand, the total amount of the order will be invoiced on the first delivery.

Article 24

If, at the request of the customer, the order is canceled or execution temporarily suspended, invoicing will take place at the stage of execution in which the order is located (salaries, raw materials, subcontracting, etc.). This amount is increased by an additional contractual fee of 10%.

Rule 25

The customer only becomes the owner of the goods sold after full payment of the sums due. However, the risks that the goods may run are the responsibility of the customer as soon as they are made available.

Rule 26

Any dispute falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of the territory in which the supplier’s business is located.

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